Material Transport Robot for IC Fab —— Wafer Box/ FOUP Transporter / Handler



APR500 Automatic Portage Robot can automatically carry two 12-inch FOUPs (compatible with 8-inch storage boxes) to achieve automatic end-to-end handling. ATR500 Automatic Transportation Robot can be compatible with a variety of semiconductor factory materials, and can transport materials to multiple safety functions, especially suitable for man- machine collaboration environment. A number of innovative technologies effectively improve the efficiency of the use of robots. 凯发体育app provides customized robots and the overall solution of material handling in Fabs.
   Product Features

● Flexible

● Applied to high class clean room

● Large Capacity

● Material traceability

● User friendly

● Safety






8-inch Storage Boxes × 12

12-inch FOUPs × 4

12-inch FOUPs × 2

Guiding Methods

 Laser Intelligent Guide

 Laser Intelligent Guide


 Max. 1.5 m/s (Option)

 Max. 1.3 m/s (Option)