Wafer Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment —— Wafer Optical Inspection



Specially designed for graphic defect detection in the IC advanced packaging process, SOI500 supports 6/8/12-inch wafer. It can be applied in different processes such as OQC (Outgoing Quality Control), checking after development, etching, or plating.
SOI600 is for ADI and AEI in front-end production line. It can detect and take pictures of micro defects on the front side of a wafer. In addition, it can detect and take pictures of macro defects on the front side, edge or back side of a wafer.
   Product Features

● Lighting and imaging system

● Excellent resist residue inspection

● Smart defect analysis

● Multiple material interfaces

● Offline software

 Model  SOI500
Wafer Size 150mm/ 200mm/ 300mm
Illumination Mode Dark field and bright field
Magnification 1X, 2X, 3.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X
Wafer Stage  X/Y/Rz axis, independent Z axis

Model SOI600
Wafer Size 200mm
Micro Inspection Multi point automatic photograph
Surface and Edge Macro Inspection

Rx, Ry flipping range: -35 degree~35 degree

Rz Rotation range: 0 degree ~360 degree
Backside Macro Inspection

Rx flipping range: 0 degree ~180 degree

 Macro Camera Pixel 2048×2048