Photo Alignment Equipment —— LCD Cell Process



Specially designed for the alignment process of IPS TFT-LCD high-end panels, SPA200 series replaces traditional rubbing equipment. Photo alignment process generates no particles and static electricity, and it has excellent uniformity and high precision. This process can improve contrast and yield.
   Product Features

● Excellent Optical Uniformity

● Precise Polarization Angle Control

● Efficient Thermal Control

● Rapid and Flexible Customized Services

 Model SPA245/10  SPA255/20
 Wavelength  254nm/ 313nm/ 365nm 254nm/ 313nm/ 365nm
Polarization Accuracy  ±0.08° ±0.08°
Illumination Uniformity  < 5%  < 5%
 Substrate Size  730mm×920mm  1100mm×1300mm